How to use vshare app?

As we all know about one of the best applications currently available in the market named as “vshare app”. It is trending because of its amazing and cool features, and the best part it is having that, it is absolutely free. Use vshare app for ios and android as well. Now the question arises why you should download this application, the answer is very simple, that it is providing all the games and application for free(the application and games you have to purchase on apple store or play store, you can download those apps form vshare for free). As there are many advantages of this app there is one disadvantage too that if you need to use this app, you need to root your android phone or jailbreak your iPhone, but that does not mean that the app is illegal, it totally legal and very much useful as well. Let’s explore how to use vShare app?

How to use vshare app?

There are many similar applications on the market, but the reason why you should use this application is that it is safe and very easy to use, and protected from all kinds of viruses as well. You can use this application on your pc, all you need to do is download the “vshare market lite”, this version of the application is specially designed for pc users.

As this app is carrying many amazing features with it, some of those amazing features are listed below:

  • The most important thing is that it is user-friendly. It is the key to any application for getting fame.
  • It carries smart search engine.
  • The application is totally free.
  • It is available for most all popular devices like- pc, ios, android etc.
  • The application has 4+ stars on play store and apple store.
  • The application is totally legal.

Here is the list of amazing features but there are many more features of this app.

Now I will be telling you how to use vshare app step by step.

use vshare app

How to use vshare app on ios or android?

  • Firstly download 
  • After opening the application, you are at home page of the app, where you can see games app wallpapers etc., names.
  • On the top of the application, there is a search bar where you need to enter the game, application or any other thing you wanted to download.
  • Let’s take an example you enter the name of the game and then pressed enter or tap the search button.
  • The app will show all the games related to the name you have searched.
  • Then find the game you were searching for with the help of icons of the suggested list by the vshare app.
  • Tap the icon you were searching for.
  • Then the new page will pop up which will show you all the related information related to the app.
  • Then you need to tap on the arrow on right side of your screen which indicates download.
  • Once you clicked on it, it will show you some related information; you can read or skip reading by tapping ok.
  • Then you can check the download speed by going back to home page of the app, and tap on the second option “downloaded”.
  • It will show you speed and once it completed you can install the application by tapping on the icon and press install.
  • Then press the home screen, open the menu and search for the icon you downloaded and enjoy the app by tapping on the icon once find.

Once you download, I recommend you to uninstall the vshare app because it consumes a lot of data, but you can just re-install the app and enjoy it again.

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How to use vshare app on pc?

  • First of all, you need to download vshare market lite application which is specially designed for the pc.
  • Once you download the application install and make it ready to run.
  • The double click o the icon of the app.
  • Then the home page will be a popup on your screen.
  • Tap on the search bar and search for the app you are looking for.
  • Once you search the app, a new screen will pop up.
  • The new screen will be showing the result of your search.
  • Search for the app you are looking for by scrolling; you can identify the app with the help of your icon.
  • Click on the icon of the app you want to download.
  • Then the new screen will load which will be the home page of the app which you are looking for.
  • Then click on the download button which will be on the right side looks like a downward arrow.
  • Then go to home page and then go to “downloaded”.
  • Then you can see the speed of the download and how much time it will take, and space available in your pc as well.
  • Once downloaded then click on the icon and install.
  • Once installed go to download and double-click the app you downloaded and enjoy the application.

use vshare app

While downloading, I recommended you to do not turn off the internet or make sure there will be no interception. If this happens, this may cause trouble to stop the download or delete the file which has been downloaded.

So that is it for the vshare app. The app is very much user-friendly and safe to use; I suggest you use the application if you do not want to spend any money on stores for a paid application. The application is totally free of cost. It has lots of amazing features with it too. You can download and install the vshare application by downloading the apk file from Google and install it on your device.  Once you download the vshare app, I m sure you will not regret downloading the application. As I told it much time above that you will not be charged any single rupee from this app, you might feel little complicated in starting of using this app, but once you get habitual, I m sure you will be loving the application.

So this is all for the vshare application which is available for many devices like ios, pc, android etc. the application easy to download and easy to use as well. The latest version of the application allows you to download without root and jail-break in android and ios respectively. I hope you found this article useful and enjoyed reading this.


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