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What is vShare Apk?

The Android and Apple app market is an ever-expanding universe of its own. Although divided by platforms, they are united by their restrictions incomplete availability to its users for free. Paid applications are a bane to an app-junkie. Applications which don’t have doppelgangers in the other platform are also major setbacks to creators. That is where vShare Apk comes to the rescue.  Acting like a pirate’s cove and hosting the paid versions of nearly every application for free, vShare earns itself an epithet along the lines of “the applications’ black market.”

Why choose vShare?

Have you ever wanted to download that one application so bad that it nearly kills you? Well, not literally, but has the mere sight of the price tag make your heart skip a bit? “Never fear, vShare is here!” (Oh the number of pop culture references for this one is enormous!) vShare  is a gracious host who invites the entire town for a free buffet. vShare apk contains complete paid versions of applications of the iOS and Android platforms, available freely to a non- jailbroken device. To add to the delight, vShare offers app- developers to publish their own applications for free. For dessert, there are tons of cool ringtones, wallpapers and books available as well!  vShare platforms are pretty similar to Android and iOS devices, but we’ll focus on the Android devices here. (Sorry, iPhone users!)

vShare APK

So, let’s take a peek under the hood of what vShare has to offer.

  • Diversity– vShare offers a wide range of applications to choose from. There are thousands of different applications available to download from, best suited for the need.
  • Absolutely Free– Free often comes with its own baggage of terms and conditions. vShare, however, offers you every paid application for free, as free as the air you breathe! (Itching to download that game you always wanted to yet?)
  • Hassle-free – Application downloads are seamless and completely devoid of any registration or sign in boxes.
  • Easy-to-navigate– Every application on vShare apk is sorted meticulously so as to offer a smooth experience and easy access to the desired applications! (Walmart aisles may seem like disarray after this!)
  • Constant updates– Application lists are constantly updated to provide users with the applications o their delight at the earliest.
  • Small size– Whoever said “Size doesn’t matter!” was lying! vShare apk for Android is a 2 megabyte (MB) application in itself. That doesn’t make it a burden to your phone’s internal storage!
  • No worries for copyrights– vShare deals with copyright issues which leaves you, as the end-user, free from any worries of possible copyright infringement.
  • “Talent wanted!”– If you are starting out in the world of the app- developing and have no idea where to place your app to make it easily available, vShare allows you to host your created application for free. So, now that this is taken care of, what are you waiting for? Start coding!
  • Library and Jukebox– Alongside applications, vShare also host an unlimited amount of free books and music available for download.
  • Your box office– Catch up on the movies you’ve missed from vShare’s movie database where you can download them directly or get yourself a movie streaming application.

How to download vshare for android devices? 

vShare installation is so simple that it’ll probably be study material for first-grade students soon. As you may have guessed, Play Store won’t host the enemy. So how do we download this amazing key that unlocks the treasure chest of delight, lying there, waiting and pulling you like a glow worm in a dark forest?

vShare APK

Here’s how:

  1. Visit click on Android Client and let the download commence.
  2. Alternately, you can visit this link to get the apk for vShare, without hassle: https://goo.gl/GWjkdR
  3. If your device setting has “Install apps from unknown sources” turned off, then you’ll need to hoodwink it by changing it. Go to Device Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Turn it on and wait for the download to complete, which should have by now. (Small size, remember?)
  4. Open the apk and let it install.

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Using vShare Market Place:

Once you’ve installed the application, all that remains is to download your first application or your first game! Using the app is as easy as its installation. Open the vShare Market Place app on your Android device. The startup page would look like the startup page of the Google Play Store. You may decide to browse through the “Best New Apps” section or the “Best New Games” section. There are also four tabs, namely:” Games”, “Apps”, “Wallpaper” and “Ringtones” to filter the recommended applications better. If you already know the name of the game which you have been pining for months on end, just go over to the search bar and type the name and search for it. True love may be hard to find, but your favourite game won’t be!

Over to you

In conclusion, vShare is a one-time solution to the problem of paid apps. While it is appreciated that you pay the developers their efforts worth, vShare can help creators and users who install applications to experiment or research upon or need them for a single user experience the complete essence of an application. Being lightweight, easily available and user-friendly too makes this app market a must- have an application on every device. The entertainment and utilities like ringtones and wallpapers along with digital books for the bookworms, vShare cater to the needs of a pandemic user-base, with treats for every sort of user- from creators to casual users, from the more aged users to the young kids. Competing with the other app stores to provide equal and sometimes more content, free of cost, vShare has given the app stores a run for their money.  However, just reading it or hearing tales of vShare isn’t enough. Try out vShare for free, today!

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