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Install VShare VIP : Sometimes I think that there are way too many paid apps on Apple app store and google play store. There are some paid apps which are an absolute waste of your money. In the past, I have received lots of people telling me about the apps they purchased which in return didn’t reach the expectation.

So if you think the same way I do and is on the verge of not installing apps on these official apps store, then you are in the right place.

All these paid apps in the official app stores should have a feature in which we can have a trial session. There are some apps which have this feature, but it’s not enough. So what other alternatives we have? VShare is the only app which comes to my mind when it comes to the best third-party app store.

Download And Install Vshare VIP

I know that there are a handful of great third-party app stores for both Android and iOS platform, but as from my personal experience, I think VShare is the best. Vshare has Pro version and VIP version. Vshare VIP is the most premium version of the app, and we are going to talk about the VIP version of this article.

There are some upgraded features implemented in the VShare VIP.

install VShare VIP

This article also has some useful guides on how you can download and install VShare VIP on iOS, Android and PC. So keep reading this article till the end so that you know everything about VShare VIP and install it without any problem.


IF you have already use the VShare app, then you should be familiar with VShare VIP. All the interface and navigation is pretty much the same, but there are extra add up features included with the VShare VIP.

If you have used any VShare, then don’t worry I will tell you everything you need to know about VShare VIP.

SO what is VShare VIP? VShare VIP is a premium version of VShare which is a unique third-party app store where you can download all sorts of Android and iOS content for free. This third party app store is very popular, and the basic version of VShare has over a million downloads.

You must be wondering what exactly is so unique and so good about VShare. VShare provides all the premium apps and games for free. We all have to struggle to get paid apps for free. We have to look for the proper apk files to download the premium apps for free. But with VShare you don’t have to get through any of this problem. VShare will provide direct installation button in the app to install the app directly on your smartphone.

Vshare is a store of a wide range of database which includes software, premium apps. Premium games, ringtones and wallpapers. With VShare VIP you can also download coins which you can use to get discounts.

Another great thing about VShare VIP is that it provides the ability to use the same app separately. This feature is very useful especially if you have more than one account in a particular app. For example – You can set use your first facebook account in one of the two facebook app and the second facebook account on the other one.

Every third party app store provides all the popular apps and games, and so does VShare VIP. But VSHare VIP has a section in the app where it provides plus versions of the popular apps like snapchat plus, Pokemon Go plus, Spotify plus and Minecraft plus etc.

The plus version of apps basically provides more access to the content (according to the app) without charging any money in case there is in the basic version.

Unlimited Coins in VshareVip

VshareVip provides hacks in certain games in the form of coins. There are lots of games which require coins to unlock some feature or characters in the game. Install VShare VIP, so can simply unlock any feature, character, ability or anything which can be purchased with coins.

install VShare VIP

Clash of clans is one of the most popular games which comes handy in the VIP feature. You can buy unlimited gems in the game and unlock or upgrade troops, buildings, skip the process and lots of other things.

The user interface of VShare VIP

Install Vshare VIP looks like a basic third-party app store which is a good thing. You can the most popular apps on the home screen and if you swipe right then, you will see the options to choose the platform for Android and iOS. You will see the setting option by swiping right.

If you keep swiping left you will see the categories of apps one by one which I think is very neat. On iOS, the transition looks very smooth. Of course, there is a search button on the top where you can search for any specific app that you want to install.

Install Vshare VIP and Invite Friends

Since Vshare Vip is the most premium version of VShare, it does not come for free. There is a subscription charge which is $ 9.9 per year. You can pay the subscription charge for all types of payment methods.

But you can get $2 discount if you refer the app to your friends via a specific link that will be provided to you if you want. So basically the app will cost $ 7.9 which is a good discount. I would say it is worth it since you will get all the apps and games for free in return.

No Need for Apple ID for VShare VIP

It is both good and bad news for iOS user. Those who want to have secure apps and have privacy with their phone might think it’s a bad thing. But for the rest of use, it is a good news because downloading and using this app becomes very simple.

You don’t have to put your Apple ID and password to get access to the installation process on your iPhone.

Features of VShareVip

  1. VShare VIP is too good to be true when you know that that this app does not need jailbreak device to install. Apps like Cydia needs jailbreak which is a problem for lots of iOS users since some iPhone users do not want to void the warranty of their phone. However, if you have a jailbroken device, then you can still install this app.
  2. Vshare VIP can be installed without Apple ID or password since it is a third party app store.
  3. The latest version of VShare VIP is stable, and you won’t face any crash.
  4. The updated version of VShare VIP is v8.2.4.
  5. VShare VIP support iOS version 5 to iOS version 10. The developers are working on the app to make it compatible with iOS 11.
  6. You do not require a computer to download VShareVIp on your iPhone.

Install vShare VIP for iOS

Here is the step by step guide to download and install VShare Vip on the iOS device.

  1. Using your iPhone/iPad go to this linkfor this method.
  2. There will be a “apply now” button. Simply tap on it.
  3. Tap on the purchase button.
  4. Now a UDID page will come. Install the UDID. If you don’t know what UDID is, then there will be a description given there.
  5. Now a prompt will come up, and you just have to tap on “install” button.
  6. Tap on install again.
  7. Now the payment page will show up. The most reliable payment method is PayPal. SO you can log in to your pay pal account and simply pay.

install VShare VIP

After this, VShareVip will be installed on your iPhone. After paying you don’t have to pay again until 365 days will past.

VShare for Android

Vshare VIP is unfortunately not yet available for android however you can download and install Vshare and Vshare Pro on Android.

You can download the app from this link https://goo.gl/Eiouwc

  1. Download the apk file.
  2. Enable unknown sources from the settings.
  3. Now install the apk file, and Vshare will be installed on your phone.

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Install VShare VIP for PC  

  1. Download VShare Helper for this link https://goo.gl/3kLUyWv
  2. Run the software and make sure everything runs without any error.
  3. Tap on “one key installation”.
  4. Now you have to select the location where you to store the data of Vshare. After that simply tap on “install now”.
  5. After the installation tap on the ‘GO” button.
  6. You will see a VShare icon on the bottom right corner. When finished it will say completely.

So there you go, these are the method to install Vshare Vip on your android iOS and PC. Vshare VIP is a great third-party app if you want to install premium apps and try it. There are other contents available in Vshare like wallpapers and ringtones which can come very handy.


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